ADZbuzz Review – A Content Discovery Platform That Will Change The Social Media World

adzbuzz review

Alright it’s true, this ADZbuzz review might be a little biased because I’m the founder of this new social media startup.

But that doesn’t mean a thing.

I fully believe in the platform I created and I’m convinced it will make a positive impact in a lot of people’s lives.

So what I’ll do in this ADZbuzz review is list all the features that ADZbuzz offers and how it will benefit ADZbuzz members and Bloggers / Web Publishers.

ADZbuzz Review Introduction

ADZbuzz is a new social media platform that offers a wide variety of features that can’t be found anywhere else.

There is also a monetization feature included for both ADZbuzz members and website owners, which in return will help spread the word about ADZbuzz in a viral way.

Here’s an overview of the benefits:

Benefits for ADZbuzz Users

  • Make money by creating an ADZbuzz community
  • Discover new high quality content in topics you’re interested in
  • Grow your community and earn a nice passive income

Benefits for Bloggers / Publishers

  • Add an extra income stream to your site
  • Drive more traffic to your site straight from the ADZbuzz homepage using the ADZnouncer
  • Have a community created for your site that grows by itself

All of the featured have a viral element integrated into it so the platform will grow by itself, exponentially and very fast.

In fact, we are using several viral techniques that made other platforms grow from startups to platforms with millions of users.

In this review which will be updated frequently as we add new features, I’ll go into full detail about how the 6 main features of ADZbuzz work.

These core features all work together in one way or another and will create an exciting platform unlike anything you ever seen before.

So let’s get started.

ADZcoin – The Fuel Of The ADZbuzz Monetization System

ADZcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which can easily be traded into cash (if you’re familiar with online payments then it’s just some easy steps to turn ADZ into USD/EUR) and which will serve as the fuel of the entire system.

ADZbuzz will reward Users, Bloggers/Publishers and Affiliates with 90% of their total earnings (more about that later) using ADZcoin.

By doing this we’ll allow both ADZbuzz Members and Web Publishers to earn more money than they would ever earn with Dollars, Euros or any other national currency.


Because ADZcoin is a limited asset.

Only 84 million coins will ever exist, meaning the supply is limited. This in combination with an increasingly higher demand will ensure the price of ADZcoin will go up in time.

Just take a look at the growth chart of Bitcoin for instance, the first cryptocurrency ever created:

bitcoin growth chart

Before 2010 Bitcoin was basically trading for pennies. Now it’s trading for over $1,100 per coin…

Bitcoin has a strong community meaning the demand went up over time, and a limited supply caused a price rise.

Simple economics make the price rise over time, it’s not rocket science to be honest. 🙂

By paying in ADZcoin, we allow Users and Publishers to own a currency that will have an upwards trend in value, instead of a currency like Dollars, which is worth less year after year due to inflation.

ADZbuzz Indirect Donations – The Unique Value Boosting System

To take the upwards trend in value a step further we’ll use a unique feature called the 50/50 ADZbuzz indirect donation feature to boost the growth even faster.

Here’s how it works:

  • ADZbuzz earns revenue and uses 90% to buy ADZcoin for the revenue distribution
  • 50% of those profits get sent to the Users and Publishers
  • 50% get sent to the ADZbuzz indirect donation address

What does this mean?

This means that everybody that sells ADZcoins which get bought by the ADZbuzz project for the revenue distribution will indirectly donate dollars to people owning ADZcoin.


Because the ADZbuzz project earns in dollars and then uses those dollars to buy ADZcoins.

If 50% of those get sent to an ADZcoin address in which the coins can’t be spent, the dollar value gets automatically added to the coins still in circulation.

Here you can see a preview of the ADZbuzz indirect donation page:

adzbuzz indirect donations

So simply put:

By turning ADZcoins into Dollars you automatically add dollar value to every ADZcoin still in existence. Hence, you indirectly donate Dollars to ADZbuzz Users and Web Publishers who own ADZcoins.

Fairly simple concept which will product amazing results. 🙂

Revenue Distribution For Publishers: The ADZlink

So how will we distribute revenue for Publishers?

How will we make the ADZbuzz user base grow to consistently increase the revenue we can distribute?

With a plugin called the ADZlink.

First of all, here’s a short intro video as to how the ADZlink works:

So essentially as you can see, the ADZlink will get Publishers paid in the exact same way as they are paid from putting regular ads on their site.

The difference is that:

  • They are paid in a currency that will gain value
  • The ADZlink is much more user-friendly than ads who try to grab user’s attention using a lot of annoying tactics
  • They not only get paid but also activate an easy traffic source called the ADZnouncer (more about that later)

The main reason why we created the ADZlink is to give website owners an additional monetization option instead of regular ads. In some countries ad block usage is reaching 40-50% meaning bloggers and publishers are starting to see a real cut in their overall revenue.

Other income streams are needed to keep them in business, so the ADZlink will provide a unique alternative.

Adding the ADZlink using the WordPress plugin to your site is very easy:

  • Go to the settings page in the dropdown in your ADZbuzz account here:

adzbuzz settings page

  • Click the “publisher” tab here:

adzbuzz publishers page

  • Download the ADZlink WordPress Plugin Here:

download the adzlink wordpresss plugin

  • Choose where you want the ADZlink to appear on your site and click the “get code” button:

adzlink get code

  • Copy your publishers key here:

adzlink publisher key

  • Install and activate the plugin:

adzlink plugin installed

  • Copy your publisher’s key which is found in your ADZbuzz dashboard and paste it into the plugin’s settings page here:

adzlink publisher key

That’s it!

Every publisher who follows these steps will be able to add an extra monetization stream to their site.

Please Note: At the moment of writing this post the ADZlink is still in beta. We will reward beta testers with ADZcoin when we launch the automated system. For now you can use the plugin to drive more traffic to your site using the ADZnouncer.

How does the ADZlink look like?

The key feature of the ADZlink is that it’s a non-intrusive icon that never tracks visitors the way regular ads do.

Here you can see an example of how the ADZlink looks after installation:

adzlink on site

When clicking the little icon, a popup appears with the short intro video showing what the icon is all about and some links to ADZbuzz, ADZbuzz Savers and a browser extension that is still in development.

This is the ultimate branding system that will also make our concept go viral.

Soon 1000’s, if not 100,000’s of blogs will have the ADZlink added by default and the reach of ADZbuzz will be huge!

How do publishers get paid?

We have created an extensive system that will count visitors interactions with the ADZlink and numerous other metrics that will determine the amount publishers get paid every day.

The earnings will be paid straight to the publisher’s ADZbuzz ADZcoin wallet, once a day.

Here you can either store them or withdraw them in order to exchange them for cash.

Once the finalized distribution system is in place we’ll make sure the ADZbuzz exchange is ready to facilitate the exchange of ADZ into Dollars, Euros or any other currency.

Easy Traffic For Publishers: The ADZnouncer

Activating the ADZlink has a dual benefit for Publishers.

They will not only earn ADZcoins every day, but if the ADZlink is added to their site they also have the option to share their posts on the ADZbuzz homepage using the ADZnouncer.

To use the ADZnouncer (after you installed the ADZlink on your site, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings page in your ADZbuzz dashboard through the dropdown menu:

adzbuzz settings page

  • Click the “Publisher” tab here:

adzbuzz publishers page

  • Add the link you want to promote in the ADZnouncer here:

adznouncer share post

  • Your post will appear on the ADZbuzz homepage here:

adznouncer posts on hompeage

See how easy it is to get tons of traffic to your site when you add the ADZlink to your site?

Because the ADZnouncer is exclusive for Publishers that have the ADZlink activated, the ADZbuzz homepage won’t be bombarded by posts either.

This will ensure you can get a lot of exposure every time you post a new link.

I will be using this method extensively for my own blog too and will make several case studies explaining what works best, how much traffic I can get from various posts etc.

Revenue Distribution For Users: ADZbuzz Communities

Now that you have a clear view on how Bloggers/Publishers benefit from ADZbuzz, let’s take a closer look at how regular users can benefit.

First of all I’ll explain how users can earn from the revenue distribution.

Again, this is a completely unique system you won’t find anywhere else.

The benefits are:

  • Users can earn by creating communities
  • Communities are targeted to sites, not topics
  • This ensures website owners will get even more traffic
  • More activity in the community means more earnings
  • A viral system will help ADZbuzz grow and allow us to distribute more revenue to Publishers and Community owners

If you want to get a better idea how it works, just think of ADZbuzz communities as Subreddits on the major content discovery site

The main difference is that the people that create those Subreddits (= ADZbuzz Communities) will earn by growing it.

Let’s take a closer look at how the system is set up so you can get a clear understanding on how to get started.

  • Step 1: Click the Create An ADZbuzz Community button in the communities timeline:

create adzbuzz community

  • Step 2: Create a community for any website you want. In the example I have chosen a big news site in my home country Belgium for instance, but you can also choose a smaller site if you prefer that and want to increase your chances of getting the community fast.

create adzbuzz community page

  • Step 3: Request the community you just created on this page:

request community on ADZbuzz

  • Now your community request has been sent:

adzbuz community request sent

  • Now you can see the community you just requested on the requested community page:

requested communities

So what happens then?

The moment the site owner adds the ADZlink to his site, the “Not yet installed” button will change into a “Create community” button. If you are the first one to click that you are the owner of this community forever!

That’s the cool thing about this feature.

It’s an interactive, first comes first served system which allows you to request any site you want, and grab the community to get the earnings the moment the status changes.

What to do next?

Make a list of all the blogs you visit frequently, create communities for all of them and grab as many communities as you can once the status changes. 🙂

Important: You can easily grab communities by informing site owners that they will have a community built for them if they add the ADZlink to their site. They will be able to get more traffic and earnings, so it’s a pretty sweet deal for them too!

Other Benefits For ADZbuzz Users

The earning potential for regular ADZbuzz users is unique and an interesting angle to make the platform go viral.

However, what about people who are not interested in that?

Obviously the main purpose of ADZbuzz is to serve as a content discovery platform for the masses.

So let’s take a closer look at the main features that will benefit anybody who is consuming content online.

Follow Your Favorite Sites

Every site that uses the ADZlink will be able to share their new content on ADZbuzz the moment it’s posted.

If you follow all the sites about the topics that you are interested in, you will always see fresh new content that is just published right on your timeline.

This will help you to organize your browsing routine, discover new content instantly and keep you up to date about all the latest news from the sites that you follow.

Discover New Interesting Sites

We wouldn’t call it a content discovery platform if it wasn’t possible to discover new content.

That makes sense.

So on ADZbuzz you’ll be able to find related websites you might or might not know and follow those as well.

This has again a dual benefit, because it will allow you, the user to discover sites you would never find otherwise, and allow bloggers to grow their community and readership.

Organize the Sites On Your Timeline

Want to make sure you only see the highest quality content on your timeline?

On ADZbuzz it’s very easy to follow sites, but also unfollow them.

We want to make sure your experience is great every time you visit ADZbuzz so it’s important you can easily manage what content you want to see.

Engage With Like-Minded People

If you follow a number of sites related to fitness, then you’ll be able to discuss the content posted on ADZbuzz with others who follow the same sites.

The community is what makes a platform like ADZbuzz interesting, and by rewarding people who build the communities, you can rest assured that the quality of the discussions will be high.

After all, the more high quality discussions, the more the community owner earns.

Our algorithm will ensure that this is the case.

Please Note: ADZbuzz is still in beta at the moment, so even though the key features are ready, we thank you in advance to report any bugs or improvements you like to see. Make sure to join the ADZbuzz community and post bugs and suggestions there.

The Revenue Sources: ADZbuzz Savers + Other Income Streams

It’s clear that this ADZbuzz review has so far shown that we have a unique system in place that is about to send out shockwaves in the social media world.

There have been many examples in the past about platforms that grew from zero to millions of users in less than a year.

The way ADZbuzz is set up, with all the viral and branding elements in place will undoubtedly skyrocket the ADZbuzz user base fast.

So what about the money?

In order to make the viral system work, we’ll need to be able to increase the revenue of the ADZbuzz Project in order to pay ADZbuzz Users, Bloggers/Publishers and Affiliates a decent amount of money.

Even though the indirect donation feature gives us some leverage because the currency of payment will increase in value over time, we still need to make sure we have a solid business plan.

And that’s exactly what we have!

Let’s take a closer look at all the revenue sources the ADZbuzz Project will add to the platform.

ADZbuzz Savers

Our major source of income is ADzbuzz Savers, a price comparison website.

The idea behind it is that the ADZlink will eventually replace regular ads on websites because so many people use an ad blocker. So in order for merchants to promote their products and services we create a centralized advertising platform where they can promote directly to consumers.

However, ADZbuzz Savers isn’t a regular price comparison website.


Because our aim will be to list ALL products, giving people as much choice to compare particular products as possible.

How is this different?

Regular, outdated price comparison websites charge merchants for every click to their site.

This simply means that only a limited amount of shops (the ones that pay) are listed there giving consumers a limited choice.

Our concept will be identical to that of “Thefind”, a former price comparison website that also aimed to list all products and which got acquired and shut down by Facebook.

thefind shopping

Why did Facebook buy, and more importantly shut down this site?

My humble opinion is this:

A platform that allows merchants to advertise their products and services directly to consumers is deadly to a company that relies on collecting data as their main source of income.

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Simply put:

In the long run, “Thefind” would have caused a serious loss for the data collection agency Facebook so they simply eliminated a competitor. (which they do all the time by the way)

The main difference here is that ADZbuzz isn’t for sale and never will be, this is my brainchild and I’ll promote and protect it forever until we reach the point that data collection agencies are like a bad trivial memory from the past. 🙂

So to recap:

  • ADZbuzz Savers is a price comparison search engine
  • All merchants can submit their feed for free
  • Consumers can make educated choices before making a purchase and save money

Our goal is to make ADZbuzz Savers the final place consumers go before they make a purchasing decision online.

With the help of the viral plugin called the ADZlink, this is only a matter of time before this happens.

How Will ADZbuzz Savers Make Money?

So if all merchants can simply list their product feeds for free, I’m sure you wonder how ADZbuzz Savers make money right?

The answer is fairly simply:

ADZbuzz Savers will make money the same way Google does.

What does Google do?

  • They list all search results for free
  • They have premium placements above the search results
  • Advertisers can bid on those placements

google ads buy television

So to give you an example, if a consumer enters “Television” in the ADZbuzz Savers search engine a list of televisions will appear.

Advertisers that bid on the word “Television” will be able to have their product listed on top of the search results, exactly the same as Google ads.

Eventually we’ll have the exact same system in place as Google Adwords, where advertisers bid higher and higher to be displayed on top of the search results.

And as we all know, Google makes billions of dollars from their advertising product.

Advantage Of ADZbuzz Savers Ads For Advertisers

I’m sure you understand that the Google business model is very lucrative and that the viral system will ensure we can attract a lot of advertisers in the long run.

But I want to add this section to the ADZbuzz review because I think it’s crucial.

Why will advertisers benefit more from ADZbuzz Savers Ads than any other form of advertising out there?

They can promote to buyers only!

Just think about this for a second.

On Facebook, Google, Bing etc. the advertisers need to target a keyword or some other vague metric like “interest” in order to try to get buyers for their product.

How can they know these people are actually interested in buying a product that very moment?

That’s why all these tracking and data collecting agencies came to be in the first place.

On ADZbuzz Savers, people will come to the site with buying intentions only.

This means:

  • No need to track people
  • No need to collect data
  • No need to target vague metrics
  • Promote directly to buyers

If they target the keyword “Television”, only people that look to buy a television will click on their ad.

Do you think this will cut the advertising budget of advertisers in half or more?

It surely will. 🙂

Plus, in due time all the money now spent on the useless data collecting and tracking of user’s behaviour will flow back to publishers and ADZbuzz users.

ADZbuzz Web Wallet

In order to provide a secure system for ADZcoin holders to store their coins online, we have created an ADZcoin wallet inside ADZbuzz.

You can find the wallet and your ADZcoin address in the “My ADZcoin” Section in your ADZbuzz dashboard.

adzbuzz web walletadzbuzzmarket

A small fee of 0.1% will be charged for every withdrawal that’s being made from this wallet.

This may sounds like a little amount compared to other system which charge up to 3%, but the volume of ADZcoin stored in the ADZbuzz wallet will increase over time, making this a pretty big income source.

Obviously, 90% of this revenue will be put into the daily distribution wallet and sent to Publishers, ADZbuzz Users and Affiliates (who earn 10% of the fee for every withdrawal their referrals make).

Lifelong Traffic Offer

A truly amazing offer to help us kick start our entire project is the ADZbuzz lifelong traffic offer.

We are exclusively selling 1000 advertising spots on our content discovery platform and will use the majority of the revenue we make from this offer to reward beta testers of the ADZlink.

This will result in an increasing value of ADZcoin and a great incentive for every Publisher/Blogger to test out the ADZlink and ADZnouncer.

I won’t go into too much detail about the offer here, but if you want to learn more about it make sure to sign up to the email list here:

Additional Products

Initially we will sell 2 more products inside ADZbuzz, namely;

Profit Canvas

Profit Canvas is an all-in-one software and training product created by the successful marketer Brett Ruthecky. I was able to acquire 2000 licenses and will sell all of them for the heavily discounted price of $97 (usually $497 or $67/month).

The package includes a drag-and-drop page builder, popup software, video software, webinar software and a training course showing you how to make money using these tools.

A great product All together.

Mail It

Mail It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build an email list and send out broadcasts to your email list from your own server.

Self-hosted are perfectly safe and easy to use and a great solution if you’re just starting out.

This is also a product from Brett of which I have acquired a reseller license, and I’m selling this product for a discounted fee of just $47 instead of $67.

Obviously these are just 2 products to get started with, but we’ll be adding a lot more products which will help out publishers in this section on ADZbuzz.

ADZbuzz Market (Coming Soon)

In order to offer services to Publishers and Bloggers we will create a marketplace similar to

Here you can order “micro-jobs” which are basically small tasks that Publishers can outsource to grow their business.

Some examples are:

  • Seo Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Graphic Designs
  • Advertising In Various Ways
  • Guest Posts
  • Video Creation
  • Many more…

I’m sure you get the idea.

Here you can see an example of how that will look like:


This is also the first marketplace in the world that will accept ADZcoin as a form of payment.

10% of all sales on this platform will be used for the revenue distribution.

ADZbuzzPay (Coming Soon)

ADZcoin is a cryptocurrency which is perfect for online transactions.

In order to make it easy for merchants to accept ADZcoin in their store we have created a payment gateway which will allow merchants to create buy buttons, create invoices and everything else available in other payment processors.

In fact, the payment processor just needs an upgrade because the core feature and API are already available inside the ADZbuzz dashboard:


For every transaction, the ADZbuzz Project will charge a small fee of 0.1% which will be used for the revenue distribution.

I’m sure you understand that this can turn into a big revenue stream to help Publishers, ADZbuzz Users and Affiliates.

ADZbuzz Review Conclusion

I hope this ADZbuzz review has given you all the info you need to recognize that this is an amazing project.

  • The amount of people we’ll be able to help is huge
  • The viral nature of the project is immense
  • The branding the ADZlink will create is amazing

This is the first chapter of something fresh and unique.

After being In beta for more than a year and attracting nearly 750,000 unique visitors in that time period, we have been able to come up with the ultimate system to create an amazing content discovery network.

But that’s not all.

We will continue to listen to our valued members and the publishers that join the beta launch of the ADZlink to improve our system.

Eventually, our project has the power to compete with the biggest social networks out there and attract millions of users on a daily basis.

All I can say is that the whole ADZbuzz Team won’t stop working hard until we achieve this.

  • ADZbuzz
  • ADZlink
  • ADZnouncer
  • ADZbuzz Savers
  • ADZbuzz Savers Ads


The ADZbuzz Project offers a completely unique way for website owners to monetize their site. Outdated intrusive and privacy invading ads can become a thing from the past. The ADZlink is the viral feature that can really make the project explode once the word gets out.

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