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I’m sure you’ve seen it all before so this won’t come as a surprise that I will recommend some blog tools Bloglivin.

And yes, I use all of these products myself on the blog.

As you know I’m always looking to do things slightly different than every other blogger out there.

What I’ll do is separate the products into different categories and link to the blog post that shows how I use them.

I’ll be explaining:

  • Why I use the tools mentioned on my blog
  • How I use those blog tools
  • What results I expect and a link to a real case study (if available)

Everybody that lands on this page is certainly not on the same level when it comes to their blogging career.

Perhaps you’re just starting out and a bit strapped for cash.

Or you might be making some money from your blog already and are looking for products that will help you scale to a full-time income or more fast.

The truth remains that you need certain tools in order to turn your blog into a business.

And rest assured, all of these will make your life a lot easier…

Before getting started though (if you’re just getting started with your blog that is…), make sure you have read the “How To Start A Blog” post I created.

This will show all the steps I took to set up Bloglivin, install WordPress and optimize it.

And not just that, it explains the complete business plan!

After all, your blog is a business, right? 🙂

So here is the basic summary of the tools mentioned in that (extensive) post and the additional tools I use to skyrocket my blog.

Domain Name:

Expired Domains. If you want to build a new blog, you can either register a new domain or look for a domain that recently expired or is about to expire. I chose to find an aged domain that was about to expire because it has more chance to rank higher in the search engines when people start linking to my blog posts. This is obviously up for discussion but if you choose to register an expired domain, this site is the place where you can find them for free.

Domcop. If you want more in depth analytics about domains then there is also a paid software tool available called domcop. I used this before and it does the job slightly better than expired domains, but I woouldn’t necessarily call it a must-have tool unless you are a domain broker who wants to make money scooping up valuabale domains.

Namecheap. My favorite domain registrar is Namecheap. Their dashboard is intuitive, I never need their support and their prices are pretty cheap. They also have just abut any tld available in case you want to use another domain extension than .com or .net etc. So if you want to register a domain, this is the place I recommend you to do it.

Godaddy. I add Godaddy here because Bloglivn is registered there. Not because I chose to do so, but because I bought the domain through Godaddy auctions. I can honestly say that I don’t like their service though. I will keep Bloglivin there because I don’t have to move it or anything and then it’s just set and forget, but I recently tried to move my uncle’s domain to another registrar and it took about 3 weeks. Horrible experience…

Hosting Account:

Hostgator. If you’re just starting out, then you probably have enough with a cheap plan at Hostgator. I used to really dislike Hostgator because they oversold their servers and the sites crashed frequently when they started to generate a good amount of traffic, but that changed when they started offering cloud hosting. So make sure you get a cloud hosting plan which starts at just $5 per month.

Wiredtree. If you start expanding your business and you need more resources, then a dedicated server is what you need. This simply means that you have your very own server compared to shared hosting on which you share your hosting account with other website owners. For mt business i’m using a dedicated server from Wiredtree and I really like their service, plus the server is managed so their support is second to none.


WordPress. The undeniable king of content management systems is WordPress. Millions of sites are built on this software and the amount of themes and plugins available make your life so much easier than with any other software out there. Forget about free hosted websites and other similar solutions, get a self-hosted WordPress blog and start building your blog.

Tracking Blog Tools:

Google Analytics. Google analytics is by far the most comprehensive and feature-rich tracking software on the market, plus, it’s 100% free. Just get yourself a Google account, create a Google analytics account and add the tracking code to your site to get high quality stats about your blog.

Google Search Console. Once that is done make sure to connect your analytics account to yor Google search console account. Here you can find detailed info about the search results of your blog, crawl errors, allow you to submit your sitemap and other info which will allow you to optimize your site for maximum results.

Bing Webmaster Tools. A similar feature as the Google search console is the Bing webmaster tools software. Here you can find detailed anaytics about your site’s search results in the Bing search engine and also allows you to submit your sitemap so the Bing spiders can easily index your site’s content.

WP Theme:

Mythemeshop. There are 1000’s of free WordPress available in the WP database, but if you want to build a serious blog/business then you need to get a premium theme. First of all, if you buy a theme from a reputable company, you can be assured you get the support needed and the theme will be updated frequently. Secondly it’ll give you a lot more options to easily customize the theme the way you want. I use the Schema theme from Mythemeshop and i’m very happy about it so I can fully recommend their themes.

General WP Plugins:

Mythemeshop. If you decide to get a yearly membership (which costs less than $8 per month by the wya) then you also get full access to all the plugins they have on offer too. I use a couple already such as the subscription box and the notification bar and also use their backup plugin to easily take backups of my blog. I’m sure they have many more plugins which will be useful for my business.

WordPress Seo By Yoast. The most comprehensive Seo plugin ever created is WordPress Seo by Yoast. It allows you to easily optimize your posts, target your main keyword and generate a sitemap for your site. It also allows you to add the meta data and optimize your search results. If you are serious about getting free traffic from the search engines then this is a must-have (free) plugin.

WP Super Cache. This plugin will make your website load faster by serving html files instead of the heavy loading php files of your WordPress blog. This is basically a must-have plugin because you want to make sure your visitors don’t have to wait for the page to load. I’m sure you know patience isn’t the greatest virtue of most website visitors who are used to fast loading pages.

Smushit WP Plugin. The Smushit plugin will further help to speed up your WordPress site by compressing the images you add to your posts. The qualiy of the images remains the same, but the size of every image reduces by installing and activating this plugin.

Lazy Load WP Plugin. The final plugin to increase the speed of your website is the lazy load plugin. What this plugin does is ensure that not all content is downloaded instantly. The images will only be downloaded and served to visitors when they scroll down, heavily reducing the load time of your pages. Another must-have plugin if you create long posts with a lot of images (which you shold).

Pretty Link WP Plugin. It’s a known fact that Google doesn’t like affiliate links in content, so in order to make them look nicer and Seo-friendly you can simply create new links using the Pretty Link plugin. Another free plugin that allows you to optimize your blog posts if you add affiliate links.

WP Optimize. Let’s be honest, even though WordPress is an amazing piece of software, it’s also a resource hog. In order for your site to run smoothly, you should install this plugin which will automatically clean up your databases with the click of a button.

Privacy Policy And Terms WP Plugin. In order to stay compliant with the law, you need to add a privacy policy and terms of service page to your blog. This plugin will allow you to easily create these pages automatically by adding your own info and adding a shortcode to any page.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget WP Plugin. This simple to use plugin will allow you to make your widgets in the sidebars sticky, meaning the widgets will scroll down along with the content. This is great for putting the attention to something. I mainly use this plugin to make the easy navigation plugin and the sign up form for my email list sticky.

Website Security

WP Backup. The premium version of the WP Backup plugin allows you to automatically schedule backups. This helps you to keep your website data secure in case of hacking or other happenings out of your control.

Sucuri. If you want a solid protection system for your site, then Sucuri is the way to go. It’s not cheap by any means but you can go to sleep knowing that your site is in good hands and protected from hack attacks and other undesirable things.

Social Media Blog Tools:

ADZbuzz Communities. My own platform ADZbuzz will be a major part of my scial media promotion. Especially using the ADZlink to grow my community and the ADZnouncer to promote my content on the ADZbuzz homepage to get instant traffic with the click of a button.

Social Warfare. To optimize my posts for social sharing I use the Social Warfare plugin, a plugin packed with features to easily optimize your posts. You can even add click to Tweet quote boxes to your posts, which I do frequently to increase Twitter shares.

Buffer. Because my posts are so extensive, I can schedule posts on social media for weeks to come. The tool I use for this is Buffer, which has a free version that gives you the abilty to schedule 10 posts in advance. For $10 per month you can schedule the entire month (100 posts), so that should be more than enough to keep your social media profiles filled with new content and keep your audience engaged.

Email Marketing / Optimization:

Aweber. Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of blog monetization imo. Obviously you need to create high quality content, but having an email list that waits for new updates about new content you post is priceless. In order to easily send emails to all your subscribers I use Aweber. It’s a monthly fee but it’s well worth it.

Mail It. (exclusive deals tab) If you are a bit strapped for cash or don’t want to pay a monthly fee, then you can use a WordPress plugin called Mail It. This is basically a self-hosted solution that works pretty much like Aweber and allows you to send broadcasts from your server. I own a reseller license of this plugin so you can buy it on ADZbuzz for just $47 (regular price is $67).

1Minutesites. In order to create opt-in boxes, thank you pages, sign-up pages, click popups and exit popups and more, I use an all-in-one solution called 1Minutesites. I used both Clickfnnels and Leadpages before which are similar products, but somehow I like Clickfunnels better. It’s easier to use, cheaper and strangely enough has more things I need for my blog. Highly recommended software.

Profit Canvas. (exclusive deals tab) If you want a cheaper version of landing page and popup software, then you can get the Profit Canvas package I sell on ADZbuzz. The landing page builder comes with numerous templates which are easy to modify, and the popups look clean and integrate with your autoresponder easily. I only own 2000 licenses which I sell for a one-time fee (usually $67 / Month) and will remove this offer as soon as all slots are filled.

Comment Redirect. When somebody comments on your blog for the first time, you can send them to a specific thank you page. Here you can add a subscription box for your email list or ask the commenter to join your social media communities etc; This plugin will allow you to easily do that.


Paypal. If you easily want to accept payments then Paypal is still the number one choice. Most people have a Paypal account and if they don’t have one they can pay using their credit card.

Coinpayments. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, and accepting them is just as easy as accepting any other form of payment using Coinpayments.

ADZbuzzPay. Even though our very own payment processor at ADZbuzz isn’t up to the point we want it yet, it’s still worth mentioning that it will be just as easy to accept ADZcoins as it is accepting dollars or bitcoin in due time.

Seo Blog Tools:

Ahrefs. This software tool allows yo to monitor keywords you are trying to rank for, mentions of your brand, check backlinks of your and other site and much more. If you want to build white-hat backlinks using several outreach methods then this is a must-have piece of software.

Influencer Outreach Software

Ninja Outreach. Outreach campaigns are the main promo strategy I use for this blog. I create content that is valuable for infuencers and regular bloggers and reach out to them. This is the software I use to achieve this.

We are currently working on a massive case study about Ninja Outreach. We’ll be doing a blog posts featuring 200+ bloggers and show you all the steps we’ll take to make this post a massive success.

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