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Police detective gains inner and outer strength at local gym – Fall River Herald News

FALL RIVER — For Westport Police Detective Jeff Majewski, being in peak physical condition is not only good for the body, but helps him get the job done on a daily basis.
Majewski, a police officer for 29 years, recently lost 35 pounds as a member of Infinite Fitness Sports Performance.
Infinite Fitness, 221 Weaver St., offers a tailored workout and nutritional program for each member — whether it’s to finally achieve weight loss goals, maintain a competitive edge, strengthen after an injury or compete as a professional athlete.
Majewski, who recently turned 50, said he weighed 253 pounds and was looking for a program to really get in shape so he could perform better as a police detective and in tactical training, as well as part of the regional Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council’s search and rescue team.
“I’ve gotten more out of this since May than many years working out at a regular gym,” Majewski said. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my physical health.”
When Majewski started at Infinite Fitness, he said he knew that his hips were imbalanced, his abdominal muscles weak and his shoulders not as strong as he liked.
So far, he’s very close to his goal of shedding 40 pounds. But, what he’s gained in muscle, strength and stamina is even more impressive.
Majewski does a one-hour “very focused” workout about three times a week.
“It wasn’t about coming in and lifting heavy weights,” Majewski said.
Majewski said the atmosphere at Infinite Fitness is “humbling” and “very motivating.” He’s worked out next to both young athletes and senior citizens, all with a specific goal in mind.
His personalized workout consists of pull-ups, sit-ups, burpees, tire flips, running, and other stretching and strength training exercises.
“We design it specifically for the individual,” said Infinite Fitness owner Michael Fernandes Jr. “He’s been committed.”
Fernandes has been in the fitness business for roughly 15 years, opening Infinite Fitness in 2011. He recently moved into an expanded gym at 221 Weaver St.
“We’ve helped multiple people lose over 100 pounds,” Fernandes said.
Infinite Fitness also works with burgeoning and professional athletes. Several have been drafted into professional baseball, college football, professional volleyball and more.
He works closely with the New England Patriot’s physician and other sports teams.
“It’s all about changing lives,” Fernandes said.
He co-authored “Health and Wellness Today: Your Ultimate Guide to Health, Fitness and Nutrition,” and has been featured in both mens’s and women’s fitness magazines, and on television as one of American’s premiere experts.
Specht Physical Therapy maintains an office at Infinite Fitness so members can get support, advice and therapy for any injuries, “all under one roof,” Fernandes said. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished.”
Fernandes works with professional nutritionists to develop meal plans for members.
For Majewski, who wanted to get in better shape and health, his nutrition plan consists of a low-carbohydrate diet of clean foods, like meats and vegetables.
Majewski touted the diet for a big part of his well-being.
His goal was to be better at his job and perform “faster and easier” in tactical trainings and search and rescue. And, he’s certainly accomplished that and more.
“I feel night and day better,” Majewski said.
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