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Channel your inner Olympian with this workout – Good Morning America

— — You, too, can train like the Olympians competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.
Barry's Bootcamp trainer Erick Wilson devised a workout that incorporates moves used by athletes in the sports of the Winter Games, from curling to snowboarding, skiing and more.

Give this workout a try as you watch the world's best athletes compete for gold.
No equipment needed. This is a workout that can be done at home and just requires your own body weight.
Olympics-inspired, high-intensity circuit workout.
"Winter Olympics sports are mainly focused on the lower body and core muscles. Quads and hamstrings are engaged throughout each event — ice skating, snowboard, skiing etc," Wilson explained. "With that being said I took four exercises that imitate and focus mainly on the leg muscles then breaking it up with an upper body focus of pushups and core."
Aim to do each exercise nonstop for 30 to 45 seconds, followed by a 10- to 15-second rest. Complete the circuit four times for a full-body workout in under 20 minutes.
Lateral skater jumps: Emulate skaters' and skiers' movements of side-to-side lateral jumps.
Split squats: Start with your left leg forward and right leg back, then switch to other side after 10 reps. This exercise and position of legs imitate the curling event. Focus on engaging the legs, staying in the lunge position and bringing the front knee all the way down.
Walk-out to pushup: Although the Winter Olympic events have a lot of lower body engagement, we can't disregard the upper body. Start in a standing position and slowly walk your hands out to a pushup (keeping your core tight), complete a pushup and then walk your hands back up to the standing position. For added intensity, complete two to three mountain climbers while in the pushup position.
Squat jump finisher: Start standing and squat low using your arms for momentum, slowing your hands down as you jump up in a constant motion. Make sure when you squat that your weight is in your heels and your knees are behind your toes.
1. Focus on your breath. I’m sure the athletes at the Winter Olympics work on a lot of their breathing with the weather and the elevation they’re performing at.
The main focus with any workout is to always breathe and keep your form. You want to constantly breathe and constantly pump that oxygen into your muscles.
2. Do what you love. There is no secret method to working out and being healthy. Anything that you find enjoyable and that keeps you consistent is really the key. Working out itself is going to be hard, so if you can find something you enjoy and want to do every day, that’s the secret of working out. The easiest way of being consistent is to find something you’re happy doing.
3. Consistency in your diet is key. My favorite breakfast in the morning is half a cup of oatmeal with a little bit of cinnamon, a little scoop of almond butter or some almonds. Find little substitutions that you enjoy that are healthy. I always enjoy fruit so I can put blueberries and bananas on the oatmeal. Bananas have a lot of fiber and the oatmeal has a lot of carbs so you can burn that off during the workout and it gives you fuel.


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