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Today's Workout: Inner thigh crossover pulse will tone you up – The Topeka Capital-Journal

A little bit of many things go a long way, like salt in a recipe, or kindness to a stranger. Even small and simple movements in our fitness can pack a punch without major exertion.
Our larger movements are what builds our muscles typically, but the smaller, controlled execution gives us tone.
Our move today is an inner thigh crossover pulse. This exercise will be focused on the inner thigh, and you won’t need any extra equipment for this move other than a wall or counter top if your balance is compromised.
Begin this pulsing exercise by standing tall, holding your chest high, and engaging your midsection for stability. Shift your weight to one leg, and lift your free leg slightly in front of your body keeping your foot flexed.
Position your hands on your hips, or on a fixed subject if you feel unsteady, and prepare for movement.
Start your pulsing motion by guiding the heel of your free leg slightly (in front), across your stabilizing leg. Imagine kicking a soccer ball with your heel. Swing it as far as you can to feel the contraction in your inner thigh. Then simply keep it in that general area and proceed to pulse it back and forth in a small concentrated motion.
Aim for either a desired amount of time, or a certain count. Return the free leg to the ground, taking a small break, and continuing on to the opposite leg.
Keeping each side even, give yourself at least three sets on both legs.
This inner thigh toning movement is perfect added into any lower body exercise, to target those hard-to-reach areas that squats and lunges do not necessarily focus on.
If you need a little more intensity, strap on a 1 or 2-pound ankle weight.
For less intensity make the movement slightly smaller.
And remember, a small amount of inner thigh work goes a long way!
Marlo Alleva, a group fitness coordinator at Fontaine-Gills YMCA in Lakeland, Florida, can be reached at faluvzpa@ msn.com.


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