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We released our inner drummers at a Pound Fitness class – This Is Tucson

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Clear skies. Low 53F. W winds shifting to SE at 10 to 20 mph.
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These are your best friends in Pound Fitness. 
That’s not sweat, it’s tears. 
You can take POUND at Prestige Fitness at 4490 N. First Ave.

These are your best friends in Pound Fitness. 
On our quest to try all the cool, trendy workouts in Tucson, we (Alicia and Angela) did a Pound Fitness class.
Pound is an intense cardio workout, where rocking out will get you fit. Yeah, you totally get to be rock stars in a Pound class. Sweaty and tired rock stars. 
If you’ve watched “This Is Us” you saw a version of this where Kate pounds the floor with drum sticks as she screams all of her tension out. 
It’s inspired by drumming and you get to do lots of that, combined with squats and lunges, with the provided plastic drumsticks. Each one-hour class burns between 600 and 900 calories, depending on what you put into it.
That’s not sweat, it’s tears. 
• Angela is a fairly active 42-year-old mama. She hits the gym at least three times a week where she runs on the treadmill, lifts weights and takes classes. She has most recently fallen in love with yoga and Zumba and enjoys the post-workout zen she feels after a good sweat session.
• Alicia is a somewhat active 22-year-old. She does her recommended 30-minute elliptical workouts three times a week. She loves workouts that will make her sweat a lot and butt workouts.
Angela: Class is held at Prestige Fitness on First Avenue and Wetmore. It’s a small, friendly feeling place with LOTS of employees. 
The owner even came out and introduced herself. 
The actual room the class is in is smallish, but not so much that you don’t have any room and I really loved the colors.
It was comfy but not so much that it made you want to fall asleep. Just comfy in a way that speaks to your soul. Like you’re in a judgement-free zone. 
Alicia: The class is held in the room behind all the cardio and workout machines. 
It’s a really welcoming space. There were eight people in there, including the instructor, and I didn’t feel judged for not being able to pound the sticks on the ground. 
You can take POUND at Prestige Fitness at 4490 N. First Ave.
Angela: By the time I got to class I was feeling stressed by my day and my email and a little angry about how long it took me to get there. So, pounding it out was perfect.
The class was hard. There’s no denying that. And, I felt a little uncoordinated a couple times. (I’m always that girl who goes left when everyone else is going right. It’s how I roll.) But, OMG it was so freaking fun. I loved the sounds of the drumsticks pounding the ground with the music.
The instructor was great. You could tell she loves what she does and she was super patient with those of us that are less coordinated. 
We wanted a workout that would kick our butts and this did the trick. 
My quads are still burning and my face was red for about an hour afterwards. Plus, the sweat. We sweated. A LOT. 
Did I mention endorphins yet? I felt SO GOOD despite the fact that my quads cry a little every time I stand or sit. 
Alicia: Here we go.
I can’t feel my legs and I’m pretty sure I’m still sweating but I loved this class so much. 
I told Angela that I wanted a class that would kick my butt and she found the perfect class. It sucked the life out of me, in a good way. There was lots of squatting, lunges, core work and banging the ground with neon sticks. 
My sweat was dripping everywhere and I was sore as soon as I finished the class. I think this was the best decision ever.
Angela: Heck yes! I loved it. 
Alicia: I’ve already texted at least five of my friends to go with me. It was a really intense workout and I can already feel my beach body coming in. 
I would like to thank Angela for not making fun of my sweaty shirt and my red face. 
I’m going again soon. Come with me if you want. 
When: 9:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 6:30 p.m. on Mondays.
Where: Prestige Fitness, 4490 N. First Ave.
Cost: $10 per single class.
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