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Traveler's Inn

Traveler’s Inn: Your Guide to Pet-Friendly Amenities

Are you tired of leaving your furry friend behind when you go on vacation? Well, look no further! Traveler’s Inn is here to guide you to the best pet-friendly amenities around. Imagine waking up in a cozy room where your pet is welcome, exploring outdoor spaces together, and enjoying a delicious meal at a nearby pet-friendly restaurant. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make your next trip unforgettable for both you and your four-legged companion.

Room Options

Choose from a variety of pet-friendly room options at Traveler’s Inn to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your furry companion. Our pet-friendly hotels understand that your four-legged friend is an important member of your family, which is why we offer accommodations specifically designed to cater to their needs.

Whether you prefer a cozy standard room or a spacious suite, you can rest assured that your pet will feel right at home. Our pet-friendly accommodations feature amenities such as pet beds, food and water bowls, and even a designated outdoor area for your pet to stretch their legs. Plus, our attentive staff is always on hand to provide any additional assistance or information you may need. Experience a worry-free stay with your pet at Traveler’s Inn.

On-Site Pet Amenities

Looking for ways to make your pet’s stay at Traveler’s Inn even more enjoyable? Look no further than our on-site pet amenities! Our pet playground is the perfect place for your furry friend to burn off some energy and socialize with other pets. With plenty of space to run and play, your pet will have a tail-wagging good time. And when it’s time for some pampering, our pet grooming services have got you covered. Treat your pet to a luxurious bath, a stylish haircut, or even a relaxing massage.

Our experienced groomers will ensure that your pet looks and feels their best. At Traveler’s Inn, we understand that your pet is a part of your family, and we’re dedicated to providing them with the best amenities possible.

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Outdoor Spaces for Pets

Make the most of your pet’s stay at Traveler’s Inn with our spacious outdoor areas that are perfect for your furry companion to explore and play in. We understand that pets need room to stretch their legs and enjoy the great outdoors, so we have created a pet-friendly environment that caters to their needs.

Our dog parks provide a safe and secure space for your pup to socialize with other furry friends, while our hiking trails offer the perfect opportunity for you and your pet to bond while enjoying the beauty of nature. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, our trails cater to all fitness levels. So lace up those walking shoes, grab your leash, and get ready for an adventure-filled stay at Traveler’s Inn!

Pet-Friendly Dining Options

Indulge in delicious meals with your furry companion at Traveler’s Inn’s pet-friendly dining options. We understand that your pet is an important member of your family, so we have made sure to provide a variety of dining options that are welcoming to both you and your furry friend. Here are some pet friendly restaurant recommendations to consider:

  • The Bark & Bite Bistro: This trendy restaurant not only offers a mouthwatering menu for humans, but also a special pet menu with treats and dishes specifically catered to your furry friend.
  • Pawsome Patio: Enjoy a beautiful outdoor dining experience with your pet at Pawsome Patio. With spacious seating areas and water bowls for your pet, this restaurant ensures a comfortable and enjoyable meal for both of you.
  • The Wagging Tail Cafe: This cozy cafe offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious meal, while your pet lounges by your side. They even provide pet beds and blankets for ultimate comfort.

When dining out with your furry friend, here are a few tips to make the experience enjoyable for both of you:

  • Call ahead: Make sure to check if the restaurant allows pets and if there are any specific guidelines you need to follow.
  • Bring essentials: Pack water, treats, and a leash for your pet to ensure their comfort and safety.
  • Be considerate: Remember to keep your pet well-behaved and clean up after them to maintain a pet-friendly environment.

With our pet-friendly dining options and these helpful tips, you and your furry companion can enjoy a delightful dining experience together.

Pet Services and Amenities

When it comes to taking care of your furry companion at Traveler’s Inn, you’ll find a range of pet services and amenities to ensure their comfort and enjoyment. We understand that your pet deserves the best, which is why we offer top-notch pet grooming services. Our skilled groomers will pamper your pet with a luxurious bath, nail trimming, and even a stylish haircut if desired. We also provide pet sitting services for those times when you need to leave your pet behind.

Our experienced and caring staff will make sure your pet receives plenty of love, attention, and playtime while you’re away. Rest assured knowing that your furry friend is in good hands at Traveler’s Inn.

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Policies and Restrictions

Ensure a smooth stay for both you and your furry companion by familiarizing yourself with our pet policies and restrictions at Traveler’s Inn. We want to make sure that all our guests, including those with pets, have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Pet Deposit: A pet deposit of $50 is required upon check-in. This deposit is fully refundable as long as there are no damages or excessive cleaning required after your stay.
  • Weight Restrictions: We welcome pets of all sizes, but there are weight restrictions in place. Pets must weigh no more than 50 pounds to be eligible for a stay at Traveler’s Inn.
  • Pet-Friendly Areas: While we are pet-friendly, we do have designated areas within the inn where pets are allowed. Please adhere to these areas to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Additional Fees for Bringing a Pet to Traveler’s Inn?

Are there any additional fees for bringing your pet to Traveler’s Inn? Yes, there are some additional fees for your furry friend. Traveler’s Inn has a pet-friendly policy that allows you to bring your pet along for a comfortable stay. However, to ensure the best experience for all guests, there is a small fee associated with bringing your pet. Rest assured, though, the pet-friendly amenities and services provided at Traveler’s Inn make it worth every penny.

Can I Leave My Pet Unattended in the Room?

Can you leave your pet unattended in the room? While it’s tempting to leave your furry friend alone, it’s best to avoid it for their safety and comfort. Instead, why not explore the pet-friendly activities and attractions near Traveler’s Inn? Take your pup for a scenic hike or visit a nearby dog park. If you do need to leave your pet alone, make sure they have everything they need and consider using a pet-sitting service for peace of mind.

Is There a Weight Limit for Pets Staying at Traveler’s Inn?

Yes, there is a weight limit for pets staying at Traveler’s Inn. We understand that your furry friend is important to you, so we have carefully set a weight limit to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests. Our pet-friendly amenities cater to pets of all sizes, but there may be restrictions for larger breeds. Don’t worry though, we have plenty of options available to accommodate your pet’s needs and make their stay enjoyable.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Number of Pets Allowed per Room?

Are you wondering about the restrictions on the number of pets allowed per room? Well, when it comes to Traveler’s Inn and their pet-friendly policies, you’ll be happy to know that they welcome multiple furry friends in each room. So, whether you have one pet or a whole pack, you can all enjoy the pet-friendly amenities together. From cozy beds to designated play areas, Traveler’s Inn has got you covered, ensuring a comfortable stay for both you and your pets.

Does Traveler’s Inn Provide Any Pet-Sitting or Walking Services?

Looking for pet-sitting services? Traveler’s Inn has got you covered! We understand that sometimes you need a break, and our pet-sitting services will ensure your furry friend is well taken care of while you enjoy your time. And if you’re looking for dog-friendly attractions, you’re in luck! Our guide will point you in the right direction, so you and your pup can explore all the pet-friendly spots in the area. Traveler’s Inn is your go-to for a pet-friendly getaway!


So, whether you’re traveling with a tiny terrier or a majestic Maine Coon, Traveler’s Inn is the perfect pet-friendly oasis for you and your furry friend. From cozy rooms to outdoor spaces, we’ve got it all. Indulge in pet-friendly dining options and take advantage of our top-notch pet services and amenities. With our policies and restrictions in place, you can rest easy knowing that your pet will be safe and comfortable throughout your stay. Come experience the paw-some pet-friendly amenities at Traveler’s Inn today!

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